Team The Hats & Bells


About Hatty Stead & Annabel Waley-Cohen:

We have known each other since we were eleven and as we both have creative minds and a love for honest home baking, it was inevitable that we would end up using our innovative and artistic imaginations, in our careers.

When Hats and Bells was launched in 2007, having noticed a gaping hole in the market for Children's Party Food, we had no long term business plan or any guarantee that our catering idea would work! Our objective was clear; to make food fun!  Months were spent perfecting recipes that our mothers, both trained cooks, had taught us and freshening up all those familiar, yet tired, party food classics.   


Peter Narizzano

Assistant Manager

Peter is one of our loyal and long serving assistants. He points out, that his love of food comes from his Italian roots. However, while his surname sounds exotic we think he really is as English as they come! Peter trained at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland. There he was taught by Darina Allen and her daughter-in-law Rachel. We enlist his help whenever we need a trusted pair of extra hands at our events!





Gee Whitlock

Assistant Manager

Gee has been working for Hats and Bells since 2010. Having gained a cooking qualification from Leith's in London, she went on to work as a freelance chef, both in England and abroad. She recently launched "Plan Gee", a private concierge business, based in South West London. She is a trusted member of the Hats and Bells team.





Alice Josselyn

Assistant Manager

After leaving university, Alice taught English in Argentina and worked on a vineyard. Since being back in the UK, she returned to teaching and became an assistant in a primary school in Kensington. Alice has been working for Hats and Bells since 2010 and helps out regularly, both waitressing, as well as preparing and delivering party food boxes and cakes. She has always been passionate about cooking and last year did a course at Divertimente Cookery School in London.